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Smart sensing, accompanied with artificial intelligence (AI), has recently received growing interest for addressing the aforementioned concern. Smart sensing can obtain timely condition or status information about civil infrastructures during their lifecycle, and hence ensure safe construction and efficient operation by providing early warnings of damage or deterioration prior to costly repair or even catastrophic failures.

In recent years, engineers and researchers have witnessed significant advancements in the development of smart sensing technologies, such as wireless smart sensors, mobile sensing, computer vision, and NDT technologies. Their significant potential is further released, with advanced signal processing and data science, which is powered by AI technologies. Meanwhile, these technologies have enabled several full-scale instrumentations of structures under construction or in service. Combined with the collected data stream from these smart sensing systems, researchers take advantage of AI techniques for modelling environmental loadings, detecting construction risks, uncovering the degradation law of structural performance, identifying the surface and interior deficiency of structures, and quickly issuing management instructions.

The focus of this Special Issue is on presenting the latest advances in smart sensing and AI for civil infrastructure monitoring and management. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart sensor development (hardware or software);

  • Digital signal processing and filter design;

  • Sensor fault diagnosis and recovery;

  • Computer vision and image processing;

  • Big data management and mining;

  • Long-term performance monitoring and assessment;

  • Condition assessment or smart upgrading of infrastructure;

  • Surface or interior damage detection of structures;

  • System identification;

  • Construction monitoring and management;

  • Vibration mitigation;

  • Performance improvement of aged infrastructure;

  • Case studies of smart civil infrastructure systems (e.g., bridges, buildings, and tunnels), etc

   Dr. Yuguang Fu
   Dr. Jianxiao Mao
   Dr. Peng (Patrick) Sun
   Guest Editors

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